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Buy suspenders online? Welcome to DutchDandy.

Suspenders specialist since 2007.

SuspendersDandy was founded in 2007 because we ourselves were (and still are) passionate suspenders wearers, but we couldn't find them anywhere. So we searched for the perfect suspenders ourselves and launched our own suspenders webshop. Since then, we have been the specialists for suspenders on the German and Dutch market, offering the largest selection of suspenders in various colors, sizes (for adults and children) and well-known brands from all over Europe, such as Albert Thurston. The choice of suspenders is based on our many years of experience with suspenders. We understand your wishes and as suspenders lovers we know the products we sell like no other.

The largest selection of suspenders.

Since our foundation in 2007, we have been striving to offer the widest selection of suspenders possible. If only to say we have the greatest. But seriously, we wanted to create a place with SuspendersDandy where you will always find the braces you are looking for. Something special! In fact, as a specialist, you owe it to yourself. On our website everyone will find something suitable. For the suspenders beginner or the price-conscious wearer, we offer reasonably priced suspenders. For the ultimate gift (maybe even to yourself) we have a selection of exclusive mid-priced suspenders. For the suspenders enthusiast and fetishist, we offer the best quality: handmade braces from Spain and Great Britain. So you see, with us you will always find exactly the suspenders you are looking for.

Suspenders with personal service.

We think it is very important to help you choose your suspenders as much as possible. That's why we want to answer all your questions about our suspenders, their quality as well as the delivery or the price. And this both before and after purchasing the suspenders.

If you have questions about our suspenders, you can contact us in three different ways:

  1. Send us an e-mail to
  2. Call us at +3120 261 2585 (please leave us a voicemail if we can't pick up the phone at that moment)
  3. If you are in Amsterdam, you are very welcome to a style consultation in our studio. Please make an appointment and take your clothes and shoes with you, which you would like to adjust your suspenders to. We'll do the rest.

Suspenders brands.

There are suspenders of different types, sizes and brands. To come back to the brands: we have almost all of them (Breuer, if you read this: get in touch! Then we will sell you too). Apart from that, we have English suspenders by Albert Thurston, Italian suspenders by Braces & Bretelle, but also Dutch brands such as Profuomo. Our pride and joy are last but not least our own Hein Strijker suspenders! Have we forgotten something? I don't think so. All further information about these braces can be found under the link "brands".

Suspenders colors.

Carriers of suspenders are birds of paradise. A colorful company, in all colors of the rainbow. That's why we offer our suspenders in all possible colors. Red suspenders, black suspenders and all the other colors you can imagine. Under the link "Colors" you will find the complete color palette of suspenders.

Suspenders for the wedding.

The most beautiful day of your life is your wedding day. When you get married, the bridegroom wants to show himself, but also his suspenders from the most beautiful side. If you're planning to get married in Amsterdam, come by! If you are a groom, we will be happy to arrange an appointment and offer you a personal consultation in our studio (trusted witnesses, friends and all bachelors are also welcome). If you also take your suit and shoes with you, we will surely find the perfect suspenders for your wedding. Visit our Dutch Dandy Pinterest page, where various bridegrooms and their braces will inspire you for your wedding.

Order suspenders simply and as usual.

At you can easily buy your suspenders online. Our suspenders are shipped worldwide and delivered to you well protected. If you have any questions about our suspenders, please feel free to call +3120 261 2585 or leave us a voicemail if you can't reach us. We're probably helping someone else at that moment.